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June 16th 2019 Picks:

Anker Powercore 5000 Portable Charger - The Anker powercore is pretty much the gold standard in portable chargers. For the price, size, and capacity you won’t find much better.

OXO Steel Double Jigger - For those who want to start making their own drinks, this double jigger can help you with getting the measurements right. Unless of course you want to put too much in.

June 15th 2019 Picks:

Anker Soundcore Mini Speaker - A recent addition to the Anker brand, this small portable speaker can give you up to 4 hours of playtime. Anker is well known for its quality products and is a personal favorite brand of ours.

KinHwa Microfiber Workout Towel - Working up a sweat is good. Having to feel it all the time on your skin on the other hand is kind of gross. So here is a pick for all you fitness lovers out there to bring with you to your next workout.

June 14th 2019 Picks:

Wiz Dice 100+ Random Pack - For all you tabletop gamers out there who need dice to make your games work. You can't beat this kind of variety for just $19.99

Quiseen Whiskey Stones - Apparently a big issue for whiskey drinkers is how to keep their drink cold without watering it down. That’s where these stones come in. Just put them in your freezer and bring them out when you need them.